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[ 19 Jun 2011 | Comments Off ]
The Most Popular Mobile Phone Manufacturers

There are literally dozens of companies that manufacture simple cell phones, but only a few are known for consistently releasing high quality products. Ideally, the phone that you purchase should last for years, which means that it will need to stand the test of time. Although the most well known smartphone models are easy to find, you should also look for the best prices.

Apple manufactures the iPhone, which is the most popular mobile phone in the world. Through iTunes users are able to download apps, and the soon to be released digital service, iCloud, promises to give iPhone owners the ability to store their data via the Internet. The iPhone also comes with FaceTime, a built in video conferencing software that connects users via a live chat interface. The Blackberry Pearl features 256 MB onboard memory, a 3.2 MP camera and weighs only 3.3 ounces. In the opinion of many tech fans, these are the best mobile phones now available for purchase.

With the HTC Desire, you will have the ability to save thousands of contacts and store the details of all of your calls indefinitely. Its GPS features will allow you to navigate on foot with ease, and …

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[ 25 May 2011 | No Comment ]

While it is easy to find newly released HTC phones, you will need several different kinds of accessories to keep your new purchase safe and secure. First, consider buying a protective carrying case so that your smart phone remains scratch free. In addition, this accessory will make it easy for you to locate your HTC smart phone when it ends up buried in your purse or your book bag. These cell phone accessories come in virtually every color and pattern imaginable. You can also alter the look of your HTC phone with a new skin case or faceplate. Purchase a soft silicone skin case and you will find that holding your smart phone for extended periods of time is much more comfortable.

If you travel frequently you will want to buy a variety of chargers. Purchase a car charger and a bluetooth headset so that you can use your HTC phone while on the go. Other smart chargers will allow you to power up your phone via your laptop, notebook or netbook. When you finally acquire all of the accessories that you need to customize the appearance of your HTC phone and keep it charged, you will be able to realize …

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[ 24 May 2011 | No Comment ]
Android And Apple Dominate Mobile Video Market

According to FreeWheel, 80% of all mobile videos are watched by Apple mobile device owners. Android owners make up the remaining 20%, which means that gadget lovers really are putting their iPads and iPhones to use. The report also indicated that experienced mobile phone users were more likely to utilize the web for recreational use.

FreeWheel analysts believe that Apple products account for more mobile video views simply because a large number of Apple products are available on the market. Android based smart phones may be increasing in popularity, but the Apple line of mobile electronics has seen multiple generations. According to statistics, most smart phone users are accessing news videos. Websites like Youtube and Vimeo are also popular, but iPhone apps that allow users to access direct news sources are also in high demand. Since the iPhone fast became the most popular smart phone on the market years ago, developers have focused on making apps for Apple.

Another reason that Apple users ma be viewing more videos is because there are more video based apps available on the iOS. Android users are expected to catch up by this time next year, however, the release of the iPhone 5 and …

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[ 12 Jul 2010 | No Comment ]
The iPhone 4 is This Year’s Must Have Device

Every year has to have its hi tech toys that woo over the world with their great features, dazzling specs and other points of wonder. For 2010, many say that it is going to once again be a smart phone that becomes the absolute top must have device on the market today. The Apple iPhone 4 is pulling in acclaim like no other and much of this is due to the fact that not only is this year’s phone a great deal smaller than the previous models, it has a whole lot more power to offer, as well.

That means that with a 24% thinner phone, Steve Jobs just may be right about his claim to Apple having the thinnest smart phone in the world. Does this mean that the device is not as sturdy as previous versions? Not at all, in fact it has a stainless steel antenna built right in and on top of that a glass screen that has been treated with chemicals that allow it to be 30 times stronger than any plastic. This amazing level of durability is in response to those who wished they could have a phone that would last them longer. Plenty of …

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[ 5 Mar 2010 | Comments Off ]
To Much Fanfare Apple Releases iPad

While the iPhone generated a fire storm in the media that has seldom been seen, the iPad has not been doing too badly for Apple, either. The recent release of the new slate type mobile device has brought in huge numbers of the early adopter demographic in the United States who lined up at the Apple Stores in their area to be one of the first to pay $500 for the new tablet devices. In some cities, customers camped out in front of the Apple Store over night so they could be one of the first to own the new product. According to much of the chatter over social media sites like Twitter, the iPad has certainly not disappointed those who had been waiting years to be able to get one of their own, but for those who are still sitting on the fence in regards to purchasing one, it remains to be seen if the device will have enough power to woo them into the Apple fold. The primary strengths that reviews have been raving about is the screen size and graphics capability. The touch screen system allows people to …