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Microsoft Updates The Kinect To Make It More Accurate Than Ever

6 July 2011 No Comment

When Microsoft first showed the public their newest creation, the Kinect, Xbox owners jumped at the opportunity to make their consoles just a little bit more like the Nintendo Wii. Now, two out of three of the major video game console manufacturers give gamers the ability to play without controllers. In the months that have passed since the Kinect was first unveiled, Microsoft has been taking feedback from consumers and subsequently released a series of updates aimed at making the peripheral more accurate.

Using ‘Ghost Recon: Future Soldier,’ a game soon to be released by Ubisoft as an example, Xbox’s senior product manager David Dennis showed media outlets how they would be able to use the Kinect to take down their enemies. Microsoft also plans on updating the Kinect’s technology to allow the infrared camera to capture and transmit data conveyed by finger movements. This would make the Kinect the most accurate peripheral for a video game console by far.

Even before Microsoft began releasing updates, it wouldn’t keep the Kinect on shelves. While the Nintendo Wii is still popular amongst gamers, Xbox has more game titles and a huge online gaming community. With more impressive updates on the way, Microsoft might be able to increase its Kinect sales even further. The company doesn’t plan on releasing an updated version of the Xbox for another couple of years so that it can focus on developing the Kinect. Microsoft’s aim is to get the Kinect into the hands of every Xbox owner.

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