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[ 19 Jul 2010 | Comments Off ]
Atari Set to Make Huge Number of Old Games New Again

As one of the very first big guns in terms of brand name awareness among video game fans was Atari, the king of gaming only a few short decades ago. It appears that Atari is now set to begin reusing its own mental real estate by reissuing popular classic titles in a way that will appeal to modern game fans. The company is not the same as decades ago, as the typical corporate world has bought out and resold the company numerous times, but the name alone is well recognized all across the world of American pop culture. Now that Atari is a subsidiary owned by Infogrames, it is about to begin remaking a number of classic video games from the Atari 2600 days, among them Haunted House, a cult hit that may pave the way for more games such as Star Raiders and even Centipede – the thumb blistering arcade passion that overtook many. The recent E3 event has shown reviewers that were in attendance that remakes are definitely on their way, particularly from long forgotten franchises in the video game world. Titles like Goldeneye and NBA Jam are going …