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[ 24 May 2010 | Comments Off ]
New Microsoft Video Games Don’t Need a Controller

As the success of the Nintendo Wii continues to impress critics across the video gaming industry, Microsoft has decided to make a move and get into the act by offering its own take on the controller free gaming experience. With this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo being the hot place to show case all the upcoming innovations the video game industry has to offer, Microsoft’s Project Natal is bringing a new device that will be capable of reading the movement of players and thus enable them to game without any controller at all. This is all part of an effort by the Redmond, Washington based company to get gamers away from the button and joystick based control mechanisms that have been gaming standards for so long. Instead, Microsoft wants players to be able to rely on a small device that will sit atop a TV set and recognize their face, adhere to their vocal commands and track their body movements in order to facilitate play. The company hopes that this simpler and more direct form of interaction will help the games be more accessible to an even larger audience than the …