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Use Electronic Bill Pay To Attract New Customers

22 January 2011 No Comment

In order to make your business as appealing as possible to potential clients you will need to look for new ways to make their lives easier. In other words, give your customers as much information on your company as possible and allow them to compare and contrast your features to what your competitors are offering. Nobody likes to have to physically drop off payments. Your targeted customers have busy schedules and they probably have enough on their plates as it is. The more difficult you make it for prospects to due business with you the more likely they will take their business elsewhere. If you setup an online bill pay option you will help to convince more customers that that they should do business with your company. The concept is incredibly simple but it is highly effective. If your clients have the option of making a payment while they are juggling other tasks they will be less likely to pay late. Just take a look at what the other businesses in your industry are doing and see if you are keeping up with the needs of your targeted customers.

Prompt your customers to keep a digital signature on file and you can pretty much eliminate chargebacks and fraudulent charges. Every business has to deal with clients that want to get out of paying their bills. If you have a paper copy of your customers’ signatures then you will never need to worry about questioning whether or not you are entitled to your hard earned money. Although technological innovations have allowed businesses to operate in a more cost effective manner, some of these advances have also made it easier for these same businesses to lose profits. If you are able to identify these loopholes you can effectively avoid taking a loss.

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